The Matchmaker

An excerpt from our new book, Born to be the Boss.

At any rate, what is clear is that Hong Kong Matchmakers is not your stereotypical matchmaking business. Being in the matchmaking industry and trying to make the business of love respectable, while at times having to endure the disheartening remarks of others, has understandably taken huge mental fortitude and personal perseverance.

“In the beginning, no one took me seriously,” shares Mei Ling. “When people asked me what I did, I’d reply that I was a matchmaker. Some who knew me would collapse in stitches. Those who didn’t would try to conceal the shock or look of contempt on their faces.”

Others diplomatically changed the subject or walked away. Mei Ling remembers situations when people on finding out her line of work, would shout patronisingly across the room to their friends or colleagues, “Come here – guess what she does?” She remarks, “Even good friends used to call me from time to time to enquire if I had yet folded.”

chp1Well, nobody is laughing any more. In a twist of irony, Mei Ling says that some of the those who laughed the loudest ended up being the people who needed her service most. “I have had to learn not to take it personally when people doubted me or were unsupportive. My advice to others facing a similar situation is if you truly believe in your concept, just get on and make it happen.”

Mei Ling reminds us that there is not an entrepreneur in the world who has not had to face their fair share of sceptics. From experience, she understands how important it is not to be put down by cynics who may question or doubt your business ideas and decisions.

“Besides, there is no magic formula to being the perfect entrepreneur,” says Mei Ling. “On the other hand, there might be times as an entrepreneur when you may have no choice but to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.”

This excerpt is one of six from our new “Born to be the Boss” book which is available here.

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“What largely keeps us motivated is the draw of making a positive difference in people’s lives.”
Mei Ling Ng Liu, Founder of Hong Kong Matchmakers