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Starting a Business From Home

Countless startups have begun from a spare room or kitchen table, and it’s easy to understand why.

Starting a business from home saves you time and money. You can keep costs low without expensive premises. Better yet, cutting out the daily commute frees you up to spend more time on your business.


Paths to Success

Hong Kong entrepreneurs on how to make your startup a success.

With more than 330,000 SMEs in Hong Kong, entrepreneurship plays an important role in Hong Kong’s economy. The JEM Group works to support entrepreneurs and creatives by presenting new opportunities to access insights and acquire skills, including its Born to be the Boss campaign. A book of that ...


Keeping Your Sanity When Starting a Business

Being an entrepreneur and running a business can sometimes feel incredibly lonely.

Although most of us like our independent lives and the freedom of being our own boss, the challenges and pressures of business ownership can sometimes leave us feeling emotionally drained and isolated. Especially when things ...


Hong Kong entrepreneurs on how to make your start-up a success

Six of the city’s most talented businesspeople share their advice in a new book on how to help turn what you love doing into a profitable business

It is almost 6pm on a Friday and Janet Middlemiss is running around the WeWork office in Wan Chai. She is jumpy because the soft launch is taking place for Born to be the Boss, a self-help guide for budding entrepreneurs that Middlemiss co-authored with Bianca Zee-Geissler ...