Investing to Change Lives

Creating opportunities for a better world.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeline of a prosperous, healthy economy. They can create jobs that boost economies and stimulate growth. In undeveloped regions, they can generate much needed income streams that make a huge difference to their families, and deliver services that enrich the communities around them.

To support fledgling businesses, a proportion of the profits generated through the initiatives of our Born to be the Boss campaign are lent to entrepreneurs on Kiva, a non-profit crowd-funding platform which provides access to startup capital that can help aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries start and launch businesses.

Lack of funding is a common problem for many startups. In emerging economies, one of the most obvious factors affecting entrepreneurship is shortage of capital as many of the people living in these countries have limited personal savings and are unable to access the necessary financing to start their own ventures.

We therefore wish to thank you for joining us to help create a culture that supports people and enterprise. Through such initiatives, we can together encourage individuals in the developing world to start and build businesses that create jobs, spread wealth, improve living standards and enrich lives.