Common Mistakes New Startups Make

Read on so you don't make the same blunders…

Particularly for new entrepreneurs, the road to success is likely to be fraught with countless pitfalls and challenges.

As an early stage startup, having an awareness of what mistakes to avoid early on could help propel your enterprise forward. Here's a rundown of common mistakes frequently made by new entrepreneurs that can often hinder a business or sabotage its progress.

1. Lack of planning
2. Not spending startup cash wisely
3. Being a jack-of-all trades
4. Taking on too many projects all at once
5. Focusing on perfection as opposed to progress
6. Failing to line up potential clients
7. Mimicking or mirroring others
8. Flying solo - thinking you can do it all yourself!
9. Picking the wrong partner
10. Getting the timing wrong
11. Being afraid to adapt or make changes
12. Not starting earlier

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